Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force (APIPv6TF)

When: Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Time: 18:00-19:30 (UTC+5:30)
Where: Conference Hall B & C
Chair: Tony Hill

The APIPv6TF was established in 2003 to encourage IPv6 deployment in the Asia Pacific region and to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange. Several economies have shared the responsibilities of managing the Secretariat during the past seven years. Tony Hill is now serving as the Chair and APNIC as the Secretariat.

We are currently experiencing a rapidly changing operational environment with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. Cooperation among members in different economies is the key to managing these challenges. The APIPv6TF will make an effort to bring community members together for mutual support across a diverse geographical area.

We received robust interest to present IPv6 deployment updates from various economies in the region and also one from the RIPE region.  We will have 6 to 7 presentations from different economies and organizations. Each presentation will last approximately 5 minutes and topics include:

Efforts to increase IPv6 deployment: Economy update

  • Current IPv6 deployment status (including some stats)
  • IPv6 deployment road map review and update
  • Stance toward World IPv6 Launch (8/6/2012) in your economy
  • Input on World IPv6 Launch - participation from each economy
  • About RIPE501 - what is it?  How will it support IPv6 deployment?
  • What can APIPv6TF do to support the World IPv6 Launch?
5min Greetings from the Chair

Tony Hill

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Report on APStar participation 0 0
Report on continuation of the Secretariat by APNIC and the Chair 0 0
5min Secretariat update

Introduction of the new website

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40min Efforts to increase IPv6 deployment

* Economy update (5min x 7 economies) (35min) - the following are suggested topics to be covered in each presentation:

  • Current IPv6 deployment status (statistic will be helpful)
  • IPv6 deployment road map review and update
  • Stance toward World IPv6 Launch in your economy
  • Input on World IPv6 Launch - participation of each economies
  • How APIPv6TF can support IPv6 deployment in 2012? (25min)
  • What shall APIPv6TF do to support the World IPv6 Launch?

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Economy Update Australia

Mike Biber, IPv6 Forum, Australia

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Economy Update China

Bao Congxiao, CERNET, China

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Economy Update India

N Ram, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications & IT, India

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Economy Update Japan

Tomohiro Fujisaki, NTT, Japan

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Economy Update New Zealand

Dean Pemberton, IPv6 Task Force, New Zealand

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Economy Update Pakistan

Aftab A. Siddiqui, IPv6 Task Force Pakistan Cybernet, Pakistan

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Economy Update Singapore

Chargonda Shravan Kumar, Singapore

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Economy Update Taiwan

Dr. Ren-Hung Hwang, TWNIC

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20min Discussion of International Collaboration 0 0
From World IPv6 Day to World IPv6 Launch: This time it’s for real

Rajnesh D. Singh, ISOC

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RIPE Update

Merike Kaeo, RIPE

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15min Current APIPv6TF structure

Introduction of the proposals
  • Definition of APIPv6TF/Gathering/Meeting and Mailing List
  • Defining member economies
  • Defining Chair election process
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5min Closing 0 0

Key Info


Ashok Hotel,
New Delhi, India


21 February - 2 March 2012


Open now

Program includes:

Technical workshops, Tutorials, and Conference streams.