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Applications for the APRICOT 2011 Fellowship program are now closed.

The APAN 31 Fellowship Program is now open for registration.

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Since 2000, the APRICOT Fellowship Program has provided opportunities to personnel from developing countries to participate in APRICOT. The program provides basic financial assistance to selected applicants, who fulfill eligibility criteria and are then selected by the Fellowship Committee.

The Fellowship Award which is granted to successful applicants (Fellows) covers a proportion of conference registration, travel, and living expenses associated with attending APRICOT.

Successful applicants

  • Eng Chhunseng (Hello Axiata Company Limited, CAMBODIA) Cambodia
  • Vinay Bajpai (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India) Bhopal, India
  • Nabin Kumar Karn (Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd, Nepal) Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Dewan Rubaiat Hussain (Mango Teleservices Ltd., Bangladesh) Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Trirat Charoensak (CAT Telecom, Thailand) Bkk, Thailand
  • James Kamau (Telikom PNG Ltd, Papua New Guinea) PNG
  • Muhammad Akmal Khan (Mobilink GSM Pakistan, Pakistan) Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Ram Krishna Pariyar (Subisu Cablenet P.Ltd, Nepal) Kathmandu, Nepal
  • ABDUL WAHHAB (BDCOM ON LINE LIMITED, Bangladesh) Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Hermawan Widiyanto (Indosat Mega Media, Indonesia) Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mirza Athar Ali Baig (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, Pakistan) Karachi, Pakistan
  • Mohammad Atiqur Rahman (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTCL), Bangladesh) Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Phosika Sithisane (Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao, LAOS) Vientiane, Laos
  • Bayar Batjargal (Mobicom corporation, Mongolia) Ulaanbaatar

Who can apply?

The APRICOT Fellowship Program targets individuals from developing countries who are actively involved in Internet development, in a professional capacity, in any of the following roles:

  • Engineers (network builders)
  • Decision makers in government, educational, non-government and private sectors
  • Educators and trainers


29 Sep 2010 Call for Fellowship Application
20 Oct 2010 Deadline for Fellowship Application
30 Oct 2010 Offers sent out
08 Nov 2010 Deadline to accept fellowship offer

Award Package

APRICOT will provide Fellows with the following assistance to attend the APRICOT 2011:

  • Workshop, Tutorial, and Conference Fees
  • Up to 80 per cent of return air fare, to a maximum of USD 1,000
  • Accommodation in designated hotel, on a twin-share basis
  • Ground transportation expenses

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fellows are required to travel on the cheapest available economy class ticket.  Applicants must provide a reliable quotation for air travel at the time of application, and up to 80% of that amount will be funded (to a maximum of USD 1000).
  2. Fellows are expected to stay at the designated APRICOT Fellowship Hotel. Fellows may check in one day before the event starts and check out one day after the event ends.
  3. Fellows accept responsibility for all liabilities, and for costs associated with medical and travel insurance.
  4. Fellows are required to attend and participate in all sessions of the event, and funding may be withheld in case of absence from any part of the event.

Entry Visas

Please note that a valid passport or an appropriate travel document is required to enter the host country. Participants from certain countries may also require a visa.

Participants are responsible for arranging their visas, and should consult the APRICOT website for information on entry/immigration requirements.

Expectations for Fellows

There are certain expectations we have for award recipients. These include that you:

  1. Attend the APRICOT Newcomers Orientation Session.

    The APRICOT Newcomers Training will help orient you on the history, working methods, and culture of APRICOT. Your attendance at this training is important, as it will help you through the event's sessions. Of course, you are also expected to attend the APRICOT's meeting sessions that you have signed up for.

  2. Share your experience and the knowledge you gain at APRICOT with your local technical community.

    An important part of the program is for Fellows to share the knowledge they gained at APRICOT with others in their home country or region. This can be done, for example, by making a presentation at a relevant professional, academic, or technical meeting, speaking at an association meeting or local NOG/ISOC chapter event, writing an article for a relevant local publication, and so on. We ask that you provide verification of your APRICOT information sharing activities within six months of attending the meeting. If you publish an article, please send a URL or a scanned copy. If you speak at an event, please get it videotaped and post the video to youtube.com or other online video sharing service, and send the URL.

  3. Complete a Fellowship evaluation report after the meeting.

    We will ask you to complete a short report on your experience at APRICOT as an APRICOT Fellow. We will provide you with a form to fill out and ask that you return it to us within two weeks of attending the meeting.

  4. Help APRICOT with the administrative components of your Fellowship.

    We will email you with the steps that need to be taken in order to get you to the meeting. These include filling out APRICOT registration information, helping to find appropriate flights to get you to the meeting, and other details. We ask that you respond promptly and let us know as soon as possible should any problems arise. Please provide a valid email address, telephone number, and other contact information. Please fill in applications with sufficient detail.

Criteria for Selection

The APRICOT 2011 Fellowship Committee will select the fellows according to the following criteria:

  • Membership of the target audience listed above
  • Residency in a developing country
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize the experiences gained from APRICOT
  • Willingness to return to APRICOT as a presenter or trainer in the future

Note: Candidates who have been prior recipients of a fellowship within the last four years from APRICOT or a related conference such as APAN, APNIC or SANOG will not ordinarily be considered for fellowship.

Applicants from any part of the world will be considered, however it is expected that the majority of fellows selected will be from the Asia Pacific region.

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