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The TWNIC is the unique neutral and non-profit organization that takes charge of the domain name registration and IP address allocation in Taiwan. We cooperate with network information organizations such as ICANN and APNIC as well as equivalent national Internet organizations in other countries, including JPNIC, CNNIC, and KRNIC.

Besides offering full range network services, the TWNIC participates in various related international conferences, in hopes to provide the best services for network service providers in Taiwan through public participation and constant improvements, which are the biggest goal of the TWNIC. We hope to bring the best to the society, and the society can give us greater supports and encouragements, and ultimately to assure the healthy and rapid growth of the Internet industry in Taiwan.

The primary functions and responsibilities of TWNIC are as follows:
  • Providing specialized Internet services, including domain name and IP/ASN registration and management, as well as directory and database access; in addition, promoting Internet business in Taiwan in a spirit of non-profit, mutual and impartial sharing of network resources.
  • Coordinating and facilitating activities and cooperation between national and international Internet-related organizations.
  • Assisting the industry in the promotion of nationwide Internet use, and coordinating the exchange and integration of Internet information services.