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Single Entry Business visa procedure requirements

This visa is valid for 6 months.

The purpose of this visa is doing business activities in Indonesia which do not involve taking up employment. Sponsorship is required by an Indonesian company. You need to provide the following documents:

Company sponsor data:

  • Copy of the company's business license letter (SIUP)
  • Copy of the company's tax number (NPWP)
  • Copy of the director's identity card.
  • Two company letters head , signed by the director and sealed with     the company stamp.

Foreigner data:

  • Copy of the foreigner's passport
  • 2 (two) passport sized photographs (4 x 6 )

The procedure:

We will arrange the application letter for you , this process can take up to 1 day. When the application is ready you can apply for the visa at the Indonesian embassy or consulate overseas nearest to you. A fee is payable in local currencies for the visa application and duration of stay is depending on the embassies /consulate where the visa is applied. When you have got your visa from the embassy, you must return to Indonesia straightaway, then you will get 60 days free visit , monthly extendable in immigration to a total of stay 6 months.


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Types Visas

Single Entry Business Visa

Transit Visa and Transit Visa on Arrival


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Visa on Arrival

Visa requirements
Please find below a list of the countries which are granted Visa on Arrival, as well as Visa-Free Short Visits (BVKS). Those countries listed under BVKS do not require a visa to enter Indonesia up to 30 days. Please find also a list of prices for these documents. However, we recommend you contact the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate in your country well before the conference in order to check if you require any immigration documents necessary to visit Indonesia.

1.  United States of America 27.  Switzerland
2.  Australia 28.  New Zealand
3.  South Africa 29.  Taiwan
4.  Argentine 30.  Oman
5.  Brasil 31.  Austria
6.  Denmark 32.  Belgium
7.  United Arab Emirates 33.  India
8.  Finland 34.  Ireland
9.  Hungary 35.  Kuwait
10.  United Kingdom 36.  Luxemburg
11.  Italy 37.  Maldives
12.  Japan 38.  Egypt
13.  Germany 39.  Portugal
14.  Canada 40.  Qatar
15.  South Korea 41.  People's Republic of China
16.  Norway 42.  Russia
17.  France 43.  Saudi Arabia
18.  Poland 44.  Spain
19.  Bahrain 45.  Bulgaria
20.  Cambodia 46.  Cyprus
21.  Estonia 47.  Greece
22.  Iceland 48.  Iran
23.  Laos 49.  Liechtenstein
24.  Malta 50.  Mexico
25.  Monaco 51.  Suriname
26.  Sweden 52.  Netherlands

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