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Sponsor Category - Diamond Sponsor

Sponsor amount :
US$30,000 or NT$1,000,000

Sponsor benefits :

Private Hospitality Space (three 3M X 2M shell scheme enclosed booth) in Demo Lab area to conduct technical hardware demo, promotional activities or discrete business meetings. *

Six free tutorial and conference registrations.

Six complimentary tickets to Opening Reception or Closing Social Events

Large and prominent logo positioning and sponsorship mentioning on printed materials, venue production and press release.

Full page color advertisement in APRICOT 2003 Program booklet on first come first serve basis.

Large and prominent logo positioning and linkage on APRICOT 2003 website, online advertisements and e-mail announcements.

Optional broadcast of company CF (maximum 3 minutes) at the plenary meeting room before the session begins (all CF will be played in rotating terms for 15 minutes before the session begins)

Company name and logo shown on electronic bulletin board at the venue lobby (rotating appearance)

Distribution of company-supplied brochures or gift (bags, mouse pads, pens, etc) during registration and APRICOT 2003 press conference. 

Company logo in the PPT shown at meeting rooms during coffee break.

Preemption of sponsorship to Opening or Closing Social Events, related benefits include speech at Social Event and display of company name and logo. 

Preemption of sponsorship of airport bulletin, shuttle, street banners (100 per company), APRICOT 2003 satchel, T-shirt, souvenirs (ex: pen, Memo).

10% of sponsorship fee is delegated to the APRICOT Fellowship Program to encourage and support more developing countries into participating in the event **

Note :

Each Hospitality space unit is a 3M X 2M shell scheme enclosed booth inclusive of 1 reception table, 2 chairs, carpet, 3 lamp lights and 1 110V/5A electricity outlet. It is highly encouraged that the sponsors create a private chatting space within the booth area to conduct all prominent sales activities. Sponsors are responsible for the booth decoration and demo set up related expenses.


Please contact the
APRICOT2003 Secretariat for more information on the APRICOT2002 Fellowship Programme.

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