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Sponsor Category - PC Supporting Sponsor Options

APRICOT 2003 Terminal Room PC Supporting Sponsor shall offer :

40 PC (25 with Window 2000 or XP OS and office software in both English and Chinese version, 15 with Linux/FreeBSD OS, and enable IPv6)

6 Notebook computer (Window OS with browser and wireless internet)

100 BaseT LAN connection

Switch with 70 ports


100 power outlet (110V,3A)

Terminal Room PC Supporting Sponsor Benefits :

Promotional banner in the terminal room or equivalent location (banner to be supplied by sponsor).

Six free tutorial and conference registrations.

Six invitations to Opening Reception or Closing Social Event.

Prominent logo positioning and sponsorship mentioning on printed materials, venue production, venue decoration and press release.

Prominent logo positioning and linkage on APRICOT 2003 website, online advertisements and e-mail announcements.

Optional broadcast of company CF (maximum 3 minutes) at the plenary meeting room before the session begins (all CF will be played in rotating terms for 15 minutes before the session begins)

Company name and logo shown on electronic bulletin board at the venue lobby (rotating appearance)

Distribution of company-supplied brochures or gift (bags, mouse pads, pens, etc) during registration and APRICOT 2003 press conference.

Company logo on PPT broadcasted in meeting room during coffee break

Preemption of sponsorship to Opening and Closing Social Events, related benefits include speech at Social Event and exhibition of company name and logo.

Preemption of sponsorship of airport bulletin boards, shuttles, street banners (100 per company), APRICOT 2003 satchel, T-shirts, conference souvenirs (eg.: pen, memo).

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