Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, 27 February-7 March 2002.

Call for Workshop Instructors, Session Chairs, and Speakers

APRICOT 2002 will be offering hands on workshops prior to the conference commencement on March 3rd. The workshops will start on Wednesday 27th February at 9am and finish on Saturday 2nd March at 6pm.

All workshops will last for a maximum of 4 days, and all attendants are required to pre-register. Topics already proposed include DNS, IP Routing, BGP Multihoming, and ISP Security. We would welcome any other contributions, for example ISP Network Management, Deploying IPv6, etc...

The idea of the workshops is to continue the excellent work done by the ISOC in their past Network Training Workshop series. The workshops aim to teach attendants from developing countries some of the skills which are in common use throughout the developed Internet framework.

Anyone who is interested in assisting with presenting these workshops, or offering material which can be used for the workshops, should contact Philip Smith <pfs@cisco.com> or Bill Manning <bmanning@vacation.karoshi.com>.

APRICOT 2002 - Workshop Programme



APRICOT is a forum that facilitates knowledge sharing among Internet builders in the Asia Pacific region, with colleagues and leaders from the Internet community worldwide.

APRICOT was first held in 1996, and is now the major annual Internet operations conference of this region. It is also the only such conference which operates on a non-profit basis for the benefit of Internet development in the Asia Pacific.

A new feature of APRICOT, building on a very successful pilot last year is to offer attendants the opportunity of attending hands on workshops in major technology areas pertinent to the ISP industry.

This brochure provides details of the programme for APRICOT 2002, including application details for candidates wishing to apply for support.


Workshop Participants

Participants in the Workshop portion of APRICOT ideally would be individuals who want to learn about the topics on offer and, furthermore, be willing to return, in the future to APRICOT and assist with the workshop programme so that other people can benefit from their skills. Applicants should also be willing to take their newly acquired skills back to home and help train their colleagues in their local ISP industry.

Candidates for the workshops should be :

* Network builders (designers, engineers and support staff)
* Internet educators (teachers and lecturers at secondary and tertiary levels)

Ideally candidates will have some operational experience within the ISP or network community.

While it is expected that the majority of candidates will be selected from the Asia Pacific region, candidates from other regions may also apply.


Topics on Offer

DNS Workshop: System fundamentals, Basic DNS (Server, Client, Dynamic Update, Upgrading, Adding Zones, Using Slaves), Advanced DNS (IPv6, DNSSEC, AD integration). Participants *must* have their own laptop computer and will have some homework pre-assigned.

Routing Workshop :

Introduction to OSPF and BGP, Introduction to BGP policy, Router Configuration Essentials, BGP Route Reflectors, Policy Routing. Participants should bring their own laptop if they have one.

BGP Multihoming Workshop :

Introduction to BGP, BGP Multihoming basics, More advanced multihoming practices, Case Study.

ISP Security :

Introduction to network security, System Security, Network Security, Dealing with DOS attacks.

Network Management :

Evolution of Internet infrastructure, structure of the Internet, IP routing, Multi-Provider Issues, Peering, Capacity Management and Planning, Business and Pricing Models, Network Operations Management, Security, DNS, IP Address Registries.

Deadlines and Applications

The relevant deadlines for this programme are :

23 November 2001  :  Public announcement
30 January 2002  :  Application deadline
February 2002  :  Selection deadline
27 February 2002  :  Workshop Starts

The early deadline allows sufficient time for any applicants to process visa applications for Thailand.

An application form is attached below.


FOR THE APRICOT 2002 Workshop Program

Name :
E-mail :
Address :
Position :
Workshop Applied for
(in order of preference) :

Net Managment

Will you bring your own laptop? (yes/no) :
Motivation for application :

In this, please include - relevant experiences related to the IT industry - what you intend to contribute to further the aims of APRICOT and further training in your country or the AP region.