Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies

APRICOT Organisational Structure

The annual APRICOT conference is put together largely by the efforts of the many volunteers who, together with the local hosts, work to ensure the continuity of the event. To ensure that each conference is organised as efficiently and effectively as possible, the responsibilities and functions have been allocated to particular groups of volunteers.


The APNOG Board has the final and overall responsibility for APRICOT.

As part of their commitment to APRICOT, all APNOG Board members actively participate in the various APRICOT Committees.

The Chair of the APNOG Board is Gavin Tweedie; the vice-Chair is Matsuzaki Yoshinobu.

To contact the Board, please write to board (at) apnog (dot) org.

APRICOT Working Committee

The APRICOT Working Committee (or WorkCom) is the group of individuals who are responsible for the day to day organisation of the APRICOT conference. They work closely with the local partners and event suppliers to ensure that all aspects of the conference are progressing, provide advice on APRICOT best practices, and help with tuning the programme and venue needs.

The members of the APRICOT WorkCom are drawn from the APNOG Board, the local partner, the APNIC events team, and the wider Internet community, who have agreed to contribute a significant portion of their time and energy to the ongoing success of the APRICOT conference.

The Chair of the WorkCom is Philip Smith

APRICOT Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (or PC) is responsible for putting together the APRICOT programme on an annual basis. The committee is a group of around 20 volunteers who are interested in the operational Internet in the Asia Pacific region who contribute the time and energy, as well as being interested in ensuring the integrity and consistency of APRICOT's operational and technology focus.

The PC tailors the programme of each APRICOT conference to suit the needs of the country or region it is hosted in. The PC is responsible for construction of the tutorial, conference and BoF content.

Around September time frame in the preparation of APRICOT, a call to the community (usually apops and apnic-talk mailing lists) is issued by the PC Chairs for volunteers to serve on the PC. The PC Chairs then choose which volunteers form the PC. The call for papers for APRICOT is usually issued in late October after the PC's first meeting, and the PC meets monthly (and more frequently) after that until the commencement of APRICOT itself in mid-February.

The Chairs of the PC are Mark Tinka, Vincent "Achie" Atienza, and Mark Duffell.

To contact the PC Chairs, please write to pc-chairs (at) apricot (dot) net.

APRICOT Technical Committee

The APRICOT Technical Committee is responsible for delivering the network infrastructure for the APRICOT conference. The committee starts work in September before the conference, meeting with the Internet infrastructure providers, with the equipment suppliers, to start work designing and provisioning the network for APRICOT.

Most of the committee's work takes place in the weeks running up to APRICOT, and on-site just before and during the conference. The committee works with local industry volunteers to operate the network and provide technical support for the conference goers.

The Chair of the TC is Matsuzaki Yoshinobu.

APRICOT Fellowship Committee

APRICOT has a fellowship programme whereby some of the conference sponsorship funding it used to provide assistance to attendees from less developed economies to come and attend APRICOT and hopefully bring some of their newly acquired knowledge and contacts back home. Annually APRICOT is able to support accommodation and attendance fees for some 30 to 40 attendees.

The Fellowship Committee (FC) is made up of a few volunteers (drawn from the wider Internet community) who work with the chair to determine which of the applications for financial support are to be followed through. They also work with the local host on obtaining funding to support the Fellowship Programme.

The Chairs of the FC are Aftab Siddiqui and Rupesh Shrestha.

To contact the FC Chairs, please write to fc-chairs (at) apricot (dot) net.

Joining the APRICOT Volunteers

Anyone wishing to join in the support of APRICOT as a volunteer should first consider volunteering to serve on the APRICOT Programme Committee. This allows anyone to see how APRICOT functions, and if more services or skills can be offered for the greater good of APRICOT.

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