Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies

APRICOT Attendance

This page documents the attendance numbers of the annual APRICOT summit.

APRICOT 2023Manila, Philippines76055
APRICOT 2022Virtual Event/Bangladesh88665
APRICOT 2021Virtual Event/Philippines85261
APRICOT 2020Melbourne, Australia62157
APRICOT 2019Daejeon, Korea68756
APRICOT 2018Kathmandu, Nepal75364
APRICOT 2017Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam82259
APRICOT 2016Auckland, New Zealand55353
APRICOT 2015Fukuoka, Japan818240
APRICOT 2014Petaling Jaya, Malaysia57053
APRICOT 2013Singapore76351
APRICOT 2012New Delhi, India62443
APRICOT 2011Hong Kong1196261
APRICOT 2010Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia73453
APRICOT 2009Manila, Philippines63346
APRICOT 2008Taipei, Taiwan63043
APRICOT 2007Denpasar, Indonesia80151
APRICOT 2006Perth, Australia33540
APRICOT 2005Kyoto, Japan85940
APRICOT 2004Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia93150
APRICOT 2003Taipei, Taiwan1035130
APRICOT 2002Bangkok, Thailand64530
APRICOT 2001Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia88833
APRICOT 2000Seoul, Korea85036
APRICOT 1999Singapore63225
APRICOT 1998Manila, Philippines32024
APRICOT 1997Hong Kong63025
APRICOT 1996Singapore28018

1 The total represents the sum of the total occupancy for each constituent part of the APRICOT event rather than the total number of delegates

2 APRICOT 2011 and APRICOT 2015 were held jointly with APAN 31 and APAN 39 meetings respectively

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