APRICOT is the premiere Internet engineering and operations event in
the Asia and Pacific Rim region, bringing together technical and
administrative experts to teach and discuss cutting edge operational
Internet issues.  This 4 day event consists of 2 days of tutorials and
2 days of a 3 track conference:

          Monday 1/27                           Tuesday 1/28
- DNS and BIND                          - Sendmail and INN
- ISP Routing and Networking            - Adv. ISP Routing and Networking 
  Fundamentals                            Fundamentals
- UNIX Power Tools for ISPs I           - UNIX Power Tools for ISPs II
- IP Version 6                          - Bridges & Routers
- Securing Your Network                 - Perl Programming
- ISP System Administration             - IP and ATM
- Web Programming Technologies I        - Web Programming Technologies II

                              CONFERENCE 1/29

       Plenary featuring keynote speeches by Rose Ann Giordano, VP of
        Digital and Bob Collet, VP of TeleGlobe, President of CIX

  Network Operations       Services and Applications    Policy & Legal
Last Mile Alternatives        Internet Security          National NICs
Internet Addressing           Directory Services       General Legal Issues
IXes and Peering             Managing Nets & Svcs      Internet Governance

                              CONFERENCE 1/30

           Plenary featuring keynote speeches by Paul Flaherty,
        co-creator of AltaVista and Carl Rigney, creator of RADIUS

  Network Operations       Services and Applications    Business of the I'net
Cable & Satellite Infra.   Building & Managing the Web   ISP Business
Routing Issues              The Domain Name System       Value Added Services
Internet Measurement         Implementing Roaming        Electronic Commerce

                           FIRST TIME EVER!!  
A state of the art demonstration Internet Exchange interconnecting
over 10 Hong Kong and international Internet service providers using a
Digital Gigaswitch/FDDI -- the same technology in use at major
exchanges in the US and Japan.  Learn advanced routing techniques from
acknowledged Internet routing experts.

The APRICOT Shownet connecting vendors and users directly to the
Internet providing ample facilities for demonstrations, learning and

                           SPONSORS INCLUDE 
CIX,Digital Equipent Corporation, International Business Machines, Hong
Kong Telecom, Bay Networks, Gilat Satellite Networks, SourceCom,
Global One, Asia Internet Holdings, Ascend, Cisco Systems, O'Reilly
and Associates, Sembawang Media, SOFTBANK Expos, AT&T, NTT, KDD,
DataCommunications, and others!

Highly respected Internet experts from Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, The Philippines, India, Cambodia, US,
Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Korea, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore,
including such individuals as Bob Collet, VP of TeleGlobe, Rose Ann
Giordano, VP of Digital, Paul Mockapetris, CTO of Software.Com, Paul
Vixie of Vixie Enterprises, Jon Postel of the IANA, among many others.

APRICOT will be held at the Excelsior Hotel, Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay.
For reservations, call Tel: +(852) 2894 8888, Fax: +(852) 2895 6459.  DEADLINE
FOR ROOMS RESERVED AT A SPECIAL RATE IS JAN 10.  After Jan 10, the reserved
rooms will be released.

                      SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED 
For full details and to register on-line at http://www.apricot.net as
soon as possible.  If you have questions or comments, please contact