These are the configs of the cisco routers that were in use at
Apricot '97 in Hong Kong.
The file 'common' is the "master" file for the config of all of
the routers.  I wrote a little script ('fa') that converts this
file into configs for each of the routers.
The file 'common' has all of the comments on how I set up the
routing and why I did it that way.
There are also files (*-confg) that contain the final config of
all of the routers.  Various changes to the running config were
made over the course of the week that were not reflected in the
"master" config file (the file 'common').
Also some of the changes to the master config made over the course
of the week were not made to all of the routers.
This is the code that we were running on the routers:
Index of the files:
	common		the starting config of all of the routers
	fa		script to convert the above into configs per router
	B		starting (generated) config of router B
	C		starting (generated) config of router C
	D		starting (generated) config of router D
	E		starting (generated) config of router E
	F		starting (generated) config of router F
	K		starting (generated) config of router K
	b-confg		final (actual) config of router B
	c-confg		final (actual) config of router C
	d-confg		final (actual) config of router D
	e-confg		final (actual) config of router E
	f-confg		final (actual) config of router F
	k-confg		final (actual) config of router K


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