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What is APNIC?

APNIC is one of the world's five Regional Internet Registries. Our role is to manage Internet number resources, such as IP addresses, on behalf of our members in the Asia Pacific region. APNIC has over 2000 members, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and National Internet Registries (NIRs).

Why do we hold APNIC Meetings?

The APNIC community holds two week-long meetings every year, where leading Internet industry presenters discuss the latest developments in global best practice for managing your Internet resources. Most importantly, the meetings are your opportunity to contribute to the policy development process.

Who should attend?

APNIC meetings are open to anyone. They are particularly relevant to ISPs, Internet equipment vendors, and government regulators.

Why go to APNIC 29/APRICOT 2010?

  • Have your say on policy proposals that may directly affect the way your organization accesses Internet number resources; or, you can present your own proposals
  • Hear world-class speakers discuss cutting-edge Internet resource management research
  • Learn about best practice in Internet resource management to make your business more efficient and profitable
  • Make valuable contacts for building business relationships