Since 1996, APRICOT had been providing a unique and successful educational forum for Internet builders in the Asia Pacific region to learn from their peers and other leaders in the Internet community from around the world. APRICOT had also established itself as Asia Pacific’s premier regional Internet Summit where related organizations come together to meet and host their annual general meetings and other special events, such as :

APRICOT is dedicated in creating a neutral educational forum that provides bold discussions on the skills, policies and technologies that are critical for the smooth operation of the Internet and service infrastructure both regionally and internationally. Its program content has a one-year technology horizon. This means that APRICOT is involved with technologies that are either at the heart of today's Internet or those that are very likely to see operational deployment within the next 12 months. The key benefit in attending APRICOT is to synchronize local and regional activities with the rapid developments in the wider Internet in an objective manner that distinguishes between operational realities and marketing 'hype'. As APRICOT has established itself as the premier Internet conference in the Asia Pacific region, so as the attendance, with interest in the conference reflecting the growth in the Internet economies in the region.