Internet Configuration  (Last update  Feb. 24, 2003)
Terminal Room
Located at Room 103 on 1st FL at TICC, and open to APRICOT delegates from
24 Feb. to 27, 08:30~17:30 daily and on 28 Feb., 08:30~14:00
APRICOT 2003 Internet Services

APRICOT 2003 Internet services are provided by HiNet, Chunghwa Telecom. These services include IPV4/IPV6 network service, WLAN access service, Mail Relay service, Media Live service ...etc.

IPV4/V6 network service

The IPV4/IPV6 network service is provided at Grand HYATT TAIPEI (2/19~2/23) and TICC TAIPEI (2/24~2/28). Each location is connected to HiNet backbone with two DS3 circuits for IPV4 and two DS3 circuits for IPV6 separately. These two sites also provide the connection to MBone through HiNet.

APRICOT 2003 provides you the DHCP service for IPv4 network. When you setup Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties in your PC, please make sure to configure your PC to obtain its IP address and DNS server's address automatically.

HiNet IPv4 DNS server:
1st DNS:
2nd DNS:

If you are using Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, FreeBSD, or any other IPv6 supported operating system in your PC, you can access to IPv6 network through wireless LAN or wired LAN in these two locations. The IPv6 address is assigned with stateless auto-configuration. The IPv6 related information is listed in the following:

IPv6 Prefix in HYATT:
Wired LAN: 2001:238:f00:70::/64
Wireless LAN: 2001:238:f00:80::/64

IPv6 Prefix in TICC :
Wired LAN: 2001:238:f00:50::/64
Wireless LAN: 2001:238:f00:60::/64

HiNet IPv6 DNS server:
1st DNS: 2001:238::1
2nd DNS: 2001:238:800:1

Wireless Access Service
For your convenience,APRICOT 2003 provide you wireless access service. Unlimited wireless environment internet service as long as you take your Notebook/PDA (with 802.11b Wi-Fi Wireless card) to APRICOT 2003(GRAND HYATT Lobby and TICC).You will have new experience to enjoy the free and high-speed wireless internet access.

If you want to access Internet via the wireless LAN, you must set up the SSID of wireless NIC to "APRICOT" and the IP address to automatic configuration (DHCP).

The steps of using WLAN service
(1) Set SSID (or ESSID) to be "apricot ". (lowercase letters)
(2) Disable WEP.
(3) Set your PC to obtain IP address from DHCP (which automatically
      assigns IP addresses to client stations).
Choose never dial-up connection of your browser.
(5) Disable proxy.
(6) Open the browser (IE / Netscape) ,then you can access the internet.
(7) For more details please click HERE .

Media Live Service

The Media Live services will help you to view live of selected sessions on-line. Please visit ""to see the service schedule. The services will be provided at TICC TAIPEI (2/24~2/28) Location.
Wireless LAN Card
Hinet, Chunghwa provides free WLAN card leasing service (with NT$1500 deposit, in cash only) near the "Pre-registration (Paid) check-in desk", 100 WLAN card are available for leasing service on first come first serve basis. 

In addition, Cisco Systems Inc. also provides Cisco WLAN card promotion on site.  WLAN card will be provide at promotional rate, 100 WLAN cards are available, promotional service is provided on first com first serve basis.Location near Information Desk.

MAIL Relay Services
In order to help attendee to sending email,HiNet provides mail relay service. The address of mail relay service is:

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