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Wireless Instant Internet Access Program

Attendees who registered for this program will have instant Internet access from anywhere in the conference area without wires! A Wireless Local-Area-Network will be set up with Cisco Aironet 340 series Access Points to provide participants instant Internet access from the conference hall, exhibitions booths, workshops to restaurant areas. Participants will enjoy the freedom of accessing the Internet from anywhere in the conference area once they have a Cisco Aironet 340series PCMCIA card installed.


Upon registration, participants can loan a Cisco Aironet PCMCIA card for use throughout the event with just a US$50 refundable deposit. The refundable deposit of US$50 can be made on-site at the “Wireless Instant Internet” registration counter via participant’s credit card. A copy of the charge details will be retained and when the PCMCIA card is returned at the end of the event, no charge will be processed on the credit card.

If the PCMCIA card is lost or not return, participants will be charged US$50 on his/her credit card.

Limited to first 200 participants.


A maximum of 20 units of Cisco Aironet 340s Access Points is also available for sale to participants who wish to procure the full Cisco Aironet Test Kit including 1 Access Point + 1 PCMCIA card at US$625 (savings of US$923 off list price).


You can pre-register for this program when submitting the registration form or register on-site at the “Wireless Instant Internet” registration counter.

For more information on Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN solutions, visit: www.cisco.com/warp/public/cc/pd/witc/ao340ap/.

Cisco Systems

This program is jointly brought to you by APRICOT & Cisco Systems